5 Burning Questions To Ask Your Paving Contractor

Hiring the right paving company is very important for your project’s success, and that does not just include getting a finished asphalt road or surface. When it comes to a paving project, anyone investing money in it wants the best returns, which in this case, means a long-wearing pavement. However, achieving that requires a reliable contractor.

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Finding the right contractor is crucial because they will be handling the whole paving process, and one mistake of theirs can cost you a great deal of money.

1. What could go wrong?

Many problems might arise if you do not hire the right contractor, such as:

  • Issues with the sub-base or base that could result in problems with the pavement and possible replacement or repair
  • Inflated costs
  • Legal ramifications due to incompliance
  • Additional costs and delays due to mistakes made by amateurs

These were just a handful of things that might cause problems for you if you do not choose an experienced and licensed contractor. So if you want to cover all your bases, then ask your paving contractor the following questions.

2. Can you provide references I can call?

Local contractors who have previously unsatisfied customers would be hesitant to give you the names and contacts of people they have worked with or for. They might try to put off giving you proper references hoping you forget or till the project kicks off. Look out for such paving companies, and do not make any deals or payments till you have done a thorough check.

3. What exactly is included in the scope of work?

There are many things in the fine print that people overlook when signing a contract. Asphalt contractors are often vague about what they are offering you in a deal, so ask many questions and find out precisely what the paving company is offering you.

Do not sign off on anything without knowing what you are paying for. Many firms also try to dodge liability for their own mistakes or work, so read the contract thoroughly before signing. If you are confused about something, get a lawyer to look over the agreement.

4. Will my project present any unique challenges?

Find out what possible risks are there and challenges might arise, so you can mentally and otherwise prepare yourself for additional costs and delays. If your paving company is just brushing over everything or telling you what generally happens or is expected, then dig deeper. Ask them what their work plans are and what unique challenges this project presents (e.g., poor soil composition).

5. Are you up-to-date with all the legal requirements?

This question has two parts. Firstly, find out if the paving company registered and licensed. Secondly, your contractor should know what the state and local laws and regulations are when it comes to paving (like getting a permit or being ADA compliant) because the liability of their incompliance with the rules will fall on your shoulders.

If all these questions work out and you are sure that the paving company is legit, you need to do one more thing. Ask for some examples of their previous work. Go and see some of the projects they have completed in the past to get a clear idea about their work.

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