Crack Filling

Over time, asphalt surfaces can begin to deteriorate and develop cracks due to damage and wear. If these cracks are neglected, they can turn into more severe pavement distresses like potholes and even pavement failure. Therefore, you must get all your pavement cracks repaired on time.

Crack filling is performed on larger non-working cracks left untreated for a long-time which cannot be repaired with a simple sealant. An asphalt emulsion is used to fill all deep cracks wider than ¾ of an inch, so no moisture or debris can enter into the cracks and cause more damage. For the best results, crack filling is done when the pavement is dry to allow the asphalt emulsion to better bind with the existing pavement and dry quicker, thereby reducing downtime and inconvenience.

Doctor Asphalt LLC offers an affordable crack filling service to restore the look and robustness of your pavement. We aspire to provide clients with long-lasting solutions so your surfaces can retain their functionality for a long time. We achieve this by using premium materials, advanced equipment, and highly effective techniques to deliver matchless services.

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