4 Important Things Property Owners Should Consider Before Line Striping

Parking lot line striping is critical for businesses and property owners who want to keep their parking lots organized and working efficiently. Property owners can also utilize striping to highlight particular parking lot areas, such as an area for valet or handicapped parking.

When you stripe your lot, you need to determine the size of the spaces and how they are laid out. You can achieve the best results from your line striping job when hiring experienced contractors like Doctor Asphalt LLC, serving customers in Wisconsin, Texas, and Minnesota.

However, before making any decisions about what type of stripes you want or where they should go, here are four things that property owners need to consider.

1. The Color Scheme

After deciding on the size of the spaces and how they will be laid out, it’s essential to think about colors. There are many different types of parking lot line striping paints available in various hues that can help match your property or company branding. If you don’t want to have black lines on your lot, there is also an option for reflective tape, making things even more effortless by lighting up and glowing yellow at night!

2. Duration of Usage

How long do you plan on using your lot? This is another thing property owners should consider; i.e., whether they want the line striping to be temporary or permanent. Temporary striping typically lasts around one year before needing to be repainted, while permanent lines usually last years without fading away. For those who are unsure about what type of line striping will work best for them, there are professionals in both fields ready to help!

3. The Cost of Paint

Another thing to consider is the price of the paint. Depending on how long you need line striping, permanent parking lines can be more costly than temporary ones, priced by the square foot, and must be repainted every year or two if used for a longer duration. The cost will also depend on what type of paint the contractor uses – such as water-based versus oil-based paints.

4. How Much Space Do You Need?

The last important decision property owners should make before parking line striping is the amount of space they require. If your lot has a small area to work with, you may be better off parking cars in diagonal rows rather than parallel lines, which will take up more room and not leave enough for roads crossing through the property.

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