4 Important Things To Remember When Selecting Your Paving Contractor

Paving contractors are a dime a dozen these days, with so many companies popping up to offer their services. Unfortunately, hiring the right one for your needs is not always easy. Even if you hire them to pave your driveway or sidewalks, they should possess certain qualities to deliver the best results possible.

Paving is a massive investment for your property, and hiring the wrong contractor can be costly. It’s essential to do your research so that you don’t end up with an expensive mistake.

This blog post will list some essential questions you need to ask when hiring your paving contractor, so you don’t get left out on the street with a half-finished and unusable driveway.

1. Ask What Type of Services They Offer

Paving contractors are not all the same. Each contractor offers different services and may specialize in just one type of paving material. So, it is vital to ask about their services and tell them what kind of work you need to be done so they can provide the best solution possible. If a contractor doesn’t offer the service you need, they can refer you to someone that does.

2. Ask How Much the Services Cost

The cost of hiring a contractor varies depending on what type of services are needed. The easiest way to get an estimate is by contacting contractors in your area for their prices or asking friends who have recently had paving work done. One thing to remember is that many contractors include the cost of permits and inspections in their estimates.

3. Ask About their Experience

Do you have experience in paving? You will want to find out how many years they have been in business. Do they have a portfolio of projects completed that show their work? If not, this could be an issue because you won’t know what to expect.

There are different types of paving projects, so hiring an experienced contractor is important because they will better understand your specific needs, give valuable advice, and provide a solution which lasts.

4. Ask if They Have Insurance

Make sure to hire a paving contractor who is insured. It is necessary for the safety of everyone involved in this project. This will ensure you are safeguarded if something goes wrong. The insurance should cover all damages caused by any negligence on behalf of the paving contractor. Make sure the insurance covers damages to your property, not just for them.

When it comes to paving a driveway or parking lot, the quality of work is crucial. You want something that will last for years and not require immediate repairs. Doctor Asphalt LLC has been in business for years, and we have decades’ worth of experience providing customers with high-quality asphalt services.

No matter what kind of paving service you need, our team in St. Paul, MN, can help you get the job done right from start to finish. To learn more about how we can meet your needs, contact us today and get a free quote!

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