5 Asphalt Maintenance Tips To Fight Off Minnesota’s Winter

Winters in Minnesota are no treat. The weather is extreme. Three words can perfectly describe the winter season in Minnesota – cold, wet, and windy. The state receives a lot of snowfall and can experience storms and even blizzards. It can also experience rain, freezing rain, and sleet. On top of that, the freezing temperatures make them all the more hard for pavement surfaces.

Winters are not just hard for people. They are also hard on the asphalt. An asphalt surface like a road or parking lot can sustain a lot of damage in winters if it is not properly cared for.

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Have you ever wondered why your asphalt surface is riddled with cracks and potholes after winter? It is the result of the harsh winter and our actions or lack thereof. Below are five maintenance tips to help you keep your surface in pristine condition this winter.


All repair work like crack filling, crack sealing, and pothole repair should be done before winter. Repairing your asphalt surface in winter is not only less than ideal, but it is next to impossible. Freezing temperatures and snow make it impossible to repair the asphalt even with a cold mix.

Therefore, you need to get your pavement inspected and repaired by autumn. Also, repair work before winter is imperative because all cracks need to be closed; otherwise, the thawing and freezing will cause the cracks to enlarge.

Seal coating

Seal coating is another process that cannot be done in winter. Still, it is probably a good idea to get it done beforehand so no moisture can enter into the pavement and cause damage. Any water that will enter the pavement will freeze and thaw. When it freezes in low temperatures, it will expand, creating gaps and loosening the bindings.

Also, a seal coat makes it easier to remove snow from the surface, and we all know how torturous shoveling snow can be.


In preparation for winter, the whole asphalt pavement needs a thorough cleaning before the first snowfall. Ensure that all stones, sticks, leaves, dust, and debris are cleaned from the pavement, and if you are washing it, ensure that no moisture is left behind.

Once the ground is covered by snow, cleaning it becomes a very challenging task. The debris and other materials trapped beneath the snow freeze and damage the surface of the asphalt.

Snow Removal

Removing snow regularly is necessary. If we ignore it till more can pile up, then we are ultimately dooming our asphalt pavement. Snow can damage the asphalt surface, which is why it needs to be removed ASAP.

However, be sure not to use a shovel with a metal head because regularly using that on your asphalt can damage its top layer.


While we have established that it is unavoidable to remove snow and frost from your asphalt pavement, many of the methods we use to melt the snow do more harm than good. Salt, hot water, and harsh chemicals all damage the asphalt surface; therefore, it is better to use milder solutions.

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