5 Criteria To Take Into Account When Choosing Your Paving Contractor

When it comes time to do the paving work on your property, it is essential to have complete confidence in the paving company you choose. Whether it’s a commercial roadway, sidewalk, or walkway, working with a paving company that ticks all the boxes on your asphalt paving checklist takes a bit of reflection and research.

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Here are five criteria to take into account when choosing your paving contractor.

1. Trust Only Local Paving Companies

Paving projects are a large investment, and you want to be sure that you can quickly contact your paver in the event of an unforeseen problem or complication. That’s why you should always consider a reputable local paving company and never sign with a traveling paving crew.

But how do you quickly identify a local contractor versus a traveling paving team?

  • Look for a professionally branded vehicle with the local phone number listed
  • A business card or flyer
  • Connect with the relevant professionals to learn about the company

2. Proven Experience

Supporting new businesses is great, but paving your driveway, sidewalk, or roadway is no opportunity to let an inexperienced contractor practice.

Following are the questions that determine whether the paving company is professional and experienced:

  • Does the paving company you plan to contact have several mandates to its credit?
  • Does it have a website with a photo gallery of local paving projects that it has recently completed?
  • Is the company registered?

3. The Contract

A professional and reputable paving company will provide you with a complete contract to read before signing to obtain permission to perform the work. So, bring in a contractor who is willing to take the time to walk you through the contract details and answer any questions or concerns you have about the finished product, fees, and deadlines.

Carefully examine and question the authenticity and trustworthiness of any business or door-to-door salesperson who would push you to sign documents before you have had time to review them in detail. A common trick used by dishonest companies is to get you to sign a document that they don’t define as a “contract” when it really is.

4. Follow-Up And Support

An important criterion to consider when choosing the company responsible for carrying out paving work on your property, both residential and commercial, is the level of maintenance and support offered. A paving company committed to following up on any questions or unexpected problems regarding the asphalt or paving it has done deserves your trust.

Also, a good relationship with your paver means you should feel comfortable contacting them by phone, email, or via social media anytime.

5. Professional Work In Every Way

It is possible that a paving company meets all of the above criteria but may not behave professionally when carrying out paving work on your property.

Look out for these pointers when finalizing the paving contractor for your property.

  • Is the paving company known for being respectful of the properties of its customers?
  • Have you seen them working in the neighborhood and disturbing the passerby?
  • Are they committed to following all necessary security protocols to ensure customers, employees, and workers’ safety?
  • Did they leave the property and the street clean and tidy during their last contract?

By taking the time to learn more about the paving contractors you plan to work with, you set yourself up for a healthy client-contractor relationship and increase the chances of being completely satisfied with your freshly paved surfaces.

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