5 Things You Should Look Out For When Receiving An Asphalt Paving Estimate

Asphalt paving, like all other construction projects, requires research, planning, and decision-making. You can’t randomly wake up one day, call a paving firm and tell them to build an asphalt parking lot or road for you. This is a high-costing project. You need to fix a budget, do some window-shopping, and then decide.

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Window-shopping and comparison are necessary to choose the right paving firm for your project. After all, you want the best for your pavement, right? So ask a few firms for estimates for your project and keep your eyes open. Below are a few red flags to look out for in the estimates you receive from the pavers you are considering.

1. Estimate Is Too High Or Too Low

When you receive different estimates from different paving firms, it will become easier for you to identify paving firms that are charging too little or too much. You might be wondering that overcharging is wrong, but why did low pricing make the cut. Well, an estimate that is too low means one of three things:

  • The paving company failed to consider some costs.
  • Their labor costs are low, which means the workers are either inexperienced or unlicensed.
  • Some charges are intentionally kept hidden to make a low bid but will be revealed after the project starts.

Regardless of why the estimates are so low, it is better to avoid any bid that is too out there.

2. Lack Of Transparency

An estimate should have precise information about the project and services being provided, so there are no gray areas. Unclear or vague information can become problematic later because the paving company and client would have two different opinions about what is expected from the service.

3. Referrals Are Missing

If the firm failed to provide referrals of their friends and family in the section, then you have cause to worry, especially if the company isn’t new.

A paving company operating in the market for years is bound to have undertaken at least a few projects to stay afloat. If they still haven’t provided referrals, then it may be to stop you from hearing an unfavorable review from previous clients who were unsatisfied with their services.

4. Evading Liability & Guarantees

If a company is not offering any guarantees, especially in print, or doesn’t claim any liability, it probably means that they are not confident in their service quality. The alarm bells should go off in your mind now to indicate that you won’t like the project’s result.

5. Calculation Errors

Double-check all the numbers to make sure that nothing is missing and there are no errors. While it can be chalked off as a mistake, are you willing to leave the responsibility of your expensive paving project in the hands of irresponsible or non-serious paving contractors? Probably not.

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