6 Reasons Why Asphalt Sealcoating Is Important For Your Commercial Property

Contrary to some misconceptions, asphalt sealcoating is not a choice; it is a necessity for your asphalt surfaces. Here are 6 reasons why!

It protects against damage

Despite their durability and robustness, asphalt surfaces are susceptible to damage from harsh weather, age, stains, heavy traffic, weight, and more. While there is no possible way to avoid every kind of damage, sealcoating can protect your pavement against several problems. Basically, what sealcoating does is form a protective layer over your asphalt surface, which does not allow any water or liquids to seep in and cause damage. It shelters the pavement from harsh weather elements like UV rays that can dry out the oils in the asphalt and leave behind a brittle grey mass. Also, the sealant fills the tiny cracks, effectively stopping them from growing and turning into more significant problems.

It restores the look

Aging and constant exposure to sunlight can lead to discoloration of your pavement, causing it to turn a light grey. However, sealcoating your asphalt surface can give it a rich black color, making it look brand new. Also, since all tiny cracks are filled with sealcoating, the pavement looks smoother and more aesthetically appealing.

It extends service life

Since sealcoating protects your asphalt surface against damage, the aging cycle is delayed leading to an extended service life. Also, since minuscule cracks are sealed, you will end up with a stronger, more durable surface that will last a long time.

It boosts property value

Sealcoating can add to your property value by keeping your pavement functional and beautiful. A sturdy and well-maintained pavement can boost curb appeal and thereby the property value.

Apart from these generic advantages, there are specific reasons why superior asphalt sealcoating is essential for commercial properties.

It withstands the extra wear

Commercial properties receive more traffic, which is why commercial surfaces are more susceptible to wear and tear, making it imperative for property owners to invest in a sealcoating project.

It improves customer experience and gives a good impression

Also, a worn-out, cracked, and greying asphalt pavement can leave a bad impression on your customers, and as it is one of the first things they will see, their experience of your commercial property will be jaded. While a sealcoated surface that has a rich black finish will show customers that you care and are serious about your business and property.

After a couple of years (on average, two to three years), a seal coat will wear off, and you will need to get your asphalt pavement sealcoated again. The frequency of sealcoating depends on multiple factors, the key one being the amount of traffic your commercial property receives. Surfaces that get more traffic have to get sealcoating sooner.

If you are unsure whether it is time to get a fresh sealcoat, are uncertain about when to get the first sealcoat on a new pavement, or have any other questions, contact us. Doctor Asphalt LLC offers a wide range of premium paving and maintenance solutions in Dallas, TX, at affordable rates, including asphalt sealcoating. Schedule a free quote for your project because it is better to leave the job to the professionals.

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