6 Signs You Need Concrete Removal And Replacement

Years of extended use or wear and tear mean that uneven cracks and concrete slab gaps appear in your concrete surface. Not only do these surface damages reduce the curb appeal of your pavement, but they also adversely affect your property’s foundation.

Dealing with the concrete problems as soon as possible should be your priority. The following are the top six signs to look out for before preparing for concrete maintenance:

1. Missing Chunks

The absence of excessive concrete chunks accelerates your pavement’s deterioration. The inner elements of the concrete pavement stand exposed as the damaged areas deteriorate rapidly under adverse weather conditions and sheer negligence.

Moreover, the damaged area edges will continue crumbling if you don’t stop using the surface and look for immediate replacement and removal.

2. Deep Cracks

Minor cracks that you ignore continue to deteriorate and become deep cracks that expose the concrete surface elements. Deeper cracks end up spreading the concrete at least ½ inch apart, increasing when you drive heavy machinery or your vehicle over it. Repairing the crack may temporarily delay the problem; however, in the long run, concrete replacement is necessary.

3. Excessive Repairs

Performing extensive repairs regularly is an indicator that you need to replace your concrete pavement. The repair process affects your concrete’s appearance and results in other problems down the line. Therefore, replacing the surface with a new concrete slab helps you avoid the hassle of constant repairs once and for all.

4. Sunken Areas

The land underneath your concrete is crucial for the health of your pavement. Cracks or sunken areas will start appearing on the concrete surface if the land shifts or sinks. An ordinary repair or maintenance service is insufficient in this case as the cracks continue reappearing.

Repairing the underlying surface and removing the concrete materials will end this problem. A combination of sand and crushed stones will help you create a surface that protects your concrete for a long time.

5. Advanced Age

Although concrete pavement can last at least 25 years from its installation date, it can age pretty quickly due to adverse weather conditions and climate.

Excessive cold or heat harms the concrete surface as they speed up the deterioration process. Consider replacing the pavement if it is nearing the end as it could end up saving you more money and time down the road.

6. Pitting/Spalling

Pitting or spalling can occur due to the flawed installation of a concrete pavement. A complete concrete removal becomes necessary if the spalling becomes widespread on the surface.

Concrete removal and replacement may become necessary if you notice any of the signs mentioned above. Doctor Asphalt LLC is the premier concrete excavation service provider in Dallas, TX, serving all commercial and residential clients alike. Get a free quote now!

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