6 Tips To Maintaining Your Decorative Concrete Surface

A decorative concrete surface is a beautiful addition to any property. It provides an elegant and timeless look that spruces up the exterior. However, it’s essential to understand that decorative concrete surfaces require upkeep and maintenance to stay looking their best.

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing six tips for maintaining your decorative concrete surface.

1. Sweep or Vacuum Often

Dirt, sand, leaves, salt, and other materials will inevitably accumulate on your decorative concrete surface over time. These materials can be removed by sweeping or vacuuming. This will prevent these particles from scratching up the decorative surface of your decorative concrete’s finish.

2. Invest in a Decorative Concrete Sealant

After the decorative concrete has cured and it’s ready to be used, you should apply a sealant. This will provide an extra layer of protection for decorative concrete surfaces from water and chemicals. It may also help block out stains and dirt that could damage the decorative concrete surface over time.

3. Use Appropriate Footwear

When walking around your decorative concrete surface, make sure to wear appropriate shoes. Never use black-soled shoes on decorative concrete surfaces as they will stain the decorative concrete and void any warranty that may be included with your project.

4. Keep Furniture Off the Decorative Surface

Putting furniture on the decorative concrete surface can cause permanent damage to the surface, which will result in costly repairs.

If you are placing tables or other indoor furniture pieces outside, make sure you put down an outdoor rug beneath it before setting it onto the decorative concrete surface. This simple effort can save you money and maintain your decorative concrete’s beauty.

5. Avoid Using Heavy Machinery

Using heavy machinery or power tools on decorative concrete can cause an enormous amount of damage.

Many decorative surfaces are not meant to withstand the weight and pressure involved with using these types of equipment. This could leave your decorative surface looking patchy and uneven in spots where cracks may appear after too much stress is applied. It’s best to avoid heavy machinery or power tools altogether.

6. Keep Plants Away During Installation

When decorative concrete is laid, it’s essential to keep plants away from the surface. Keeping plants too close can put weight on the surface that your contractor may not account for when laying out the decorative concrete work.

If you have heavy or large plantings near where your decorative concrete will be placed, make sure to remove them before laying the decorative concrete.

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