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Doctor Asphalt is the paving company most trusted in Portage, WI, because we treat our clients’ projects seriously with a no-nonsense attitude, saving them money at every step in their paving project. For over eight years, we’ve provided Wisconsin and Minnesota with top-notch paving services such as asphalt, crack sealing, infrared patching, parking lot repair, sealcoating, and more. Our qualified and licensed contractors can tackle any industrial, residential, municipal, or commercial project. No matter how busy our schedule gets, we always give our clients undivided attention.

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  • The highest quality workmanship is the only work we do at Doctor Asphalt, ensuring longevity to our paving results, as enduring concrete and asphalt help our clients save money every time.
  • We strive to remove the headaches, hassle, and difficulties associated with maintaining your pavement by making all repair and installation processes seamless and consistent.
  • Whether we have a packed schedule or not, we always prioritize our clients by answering the phone and listening to our client’s concerns and questions.

Explore Lovely Portage WI

Portage, a charming city in Columbia County, WI, serves as the county seat and is home to 10,581 residents as of the 2020 census. Located within the Madison Metropolitan Statistical Area, Portage is known for its historical significance as a portage point between the Wisconsin and Fox Rivers, which led to its initial naming. Today, Portage embraces its slogan, “Where the North Begins,” reflecting its position as a gateway to northern Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes and recreational opportunities.

Portage has a large World War 2 History Museum owned by a man with intimate knowledge of every item in the collection. Cascade Mountain is a great place for skiing, snow sports, and otherwise, a lovely place to visit year-round for the natural environment. Several museums and historical societies in the area have documented much of Wisconsin’s history and life on the frontier. With its rich heritage, picturesque setting, and proximity to Madison, Portage offers residents and visitors a charming and welcoming community.

Pavement Maintenance, When and how often

For property owners in Wisconsin communities like Portage, Doctor Asphalt is the local paving company that cares about your driveway or parking lot. We’ve developed advanced maintenance services to restore and protect paved surfaces like roads, driveways, and parking lots. Here’s how some of them work.

How Can WI Property Owners Protect Their Asphalt?

Pavement maintenance services like crack filling and sealcoating are crucial in extending the lifespan and enhancing the durability of paved surfaces. These services help minimize damage, prevent costly repairs, and keep the pavement looking fresh and well-maintained.

Our Restorative Services

Crack sealing involves filling in cracks with specialized materials and then sealing the surface to prevent water infiltration and further deterioration. Sealcoating applies a protective layer over the pavement surface to shield it from UV rays, moisture, and chemicals. Parking lot striping is an essential task that not only enhances the appearance of your parking lot but also improves safety by providing clear and visible markings for parking spaces, traffic lanes, and pedestrian areas.

When & How Often to Get Asphalt Maintenance

Generally, it is recommended to schedule routine paving services every 2-5 years to ensure optimal performance. However, key indicators that servicing is needed include visible cracks, fading color, or drainage issues. It’s important to address these issues promptly to prevent further damage.

Doctor Asphalt: Pavement Maintenance Specialists in Portage WI

Consulting with a professional paving contractor can help determine the best maintenance schedule for your paved areas and ensure they stay in top condition for years to come. Our extensive knowledge and experience make us the go-to experts for keeping your parking lot, driveway, or roadway in top shape.

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