Excavation Safety: Tips For Safe Excavation

While installing a concrete or asphalt pavement, site excavation should be your first step. Excavation includes site preparation, site grading, leveling, trenching, and more to build a robust structural foundation. It is performed by digging, hauling, and disposing of old materials to create a new foundation for the paving project. Standard safety practices and considerations should be followed to perform excavation safely.

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What Are the Risks Involved While Excavating?

The following are the most common risks involved in excavation:

  • Obstructions on the surface
  • Excavation failure
  • Interaction with the utility lines and transmission lines above the land
  • Crew members getting hurt during the excavation process
  • Labor and equipment falling into trenches
  • Excavation techniques used that might be hazardous to the environment
  • Groundwater accumulation and salinity
  • Accidents

What Steps Should You Take Before Beginning an Excavation Project?

  • Ensure that the workspace is well-ventilated to keep an acceptable level of oxygen and to avoid the concentration of toxic chemicals.
  • The excavation site must be maintained as a confined area.

A safe working structure must be devised and implemented, including the implementation of adequate emergency plans. A safety management system may include good ventilation, atmospheric tests, or other measures determined by an experienced professional.

Preventive measures and controls should be implemented as follows:

1. The contractor must monitor the excavation at all levels and ensure that the crew adheres to the safety guidelines.

2. The workers should wear protective gear at all times.

3. An obstacle composed of safety barriers and handrails must be erected around the top of the workplaces if the excavation is deeper than two meters.

4. People who are not part of the excavation team must not be allowed on the site.

5. Stop blocks should be placed behind vehicles’ tires to direct the passersby away from the location.

6. Technicians of equipment and machinery must be qualified.

7. If digging threatens the strength of the surrounding buildings, structures, or railings, it must not be carried out.

8. The digging materials should always be kept at a safer distance from the excavation to prevent them from causing any accidents.

9. Heavy machinery should also be prohibited on sites where underground utilities are present; shovels and spades should be used alternatively.

10. When there is a break or a pause in working, the site should be appropriately covered and guarded by security professionals, especially when there is a chance of children entering the area.

11. The excavation area must always be well-illuminated at nighttime.

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