How An Asphalt Parking Lot Benefits Both Customers & Property Owners

Constructing an asphalt parking lot is a significant investment of time and money, especially for businesses in Maplewood, MN. In addition to the installation, you will also have to bear ongoing expenses for asphalt maintenance.

That said, a blacktop parking lot is a valuable addition to your business, one that will be welcomed by your customers.

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In today’s blog, we talk about the benefits of asphalt parking lots, both for businesses and their customers.

Get Excellent Returns

Firstly, an asphalt parking lot offers cost savings and excellent returns. It takes a few weeks to pave and cure new asphalt for commercial properties. Moreover, ongoing maintenance procedures like parking lot sealcoating can be done in a day or two.

In other words, parking lot paving and asphalt maintenance will not obstruct your business for long.

Attract More Customers

Both research and observation show that customers prefer to shop at places that provide parking. With an asphalt parking lot, you will gain a competitive advantage over competitors without changing your product or prices!

Increase Property Value & Curb Appeal

Another way in which a blacktop parking lot will benefit your business is by enhancing your property’s curb appeal. This creates a great impression on customers as they pull into your parking lot, leading to a positive shopping experience. Not to mention, adding a parking lot to your commercial premises will also boost property value.

Enhance Safety

All parking lots come with an inherent risk of accidents and collisions. These instances are not only dangerous for your customers but can also be costly for you.

With an asphalt parking lot, you can enhance parking lot safety. Asphalt offers unparalleled smoothness that allows for greater tire grip and minimal skidding. Moreover, the blacktop surface provides a striking visual distinction for line-markings.

You can also ask your asphalt paving contractor to install signs to direct the flow of traffic. This will avoid unnecessary mishaps and protect the surface from damage.

Save The Environment

Finally, you can go green with an asphalt parking lot. More and more customers have become aware of their carbon footprint, and they prefer businesses that follow green practices.

Asphalt is recyclable, which means you reuse it for asphalt maintenance and repaving.

You can also ask your contractor to use a porous asphalt mix, which allows water to penetrate the surface and seep underground naturally. Porous asphalt is considered an eco-friendly construction material, and you may get some tax breaks by using it for parking lot paving. This asphalt mix also eliminates runoffs and other drainage issues.

That sums it up!

As you can see, the asphalt parking lot offers impressive benefits to business owners that far outweigh the cost of construction and repairs. And with ongoing asphalt maintenance and parking lot sealcoating, you can preserve your pavement assets for up to two decades.

Businesses in Maplewood, MN, can always reach out to Doctor Asphalt for top-of-the-line paving and sealcoating services for commercial properties. Click here to get a free estimate.

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