How Can Property Managers Maintain Their Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot?

A commercial parking lot is an essential part of any business because it is a great convenience for the establishment’s employees, customers, and visitors. Asphalt parking lots are built to last for decades, but over time, the asphalt in your parking lot will deteriorate. This can lead to various problems – including safety hazards, customer complaints, and also potholes or uneven surfaces.

It is essential to maintain the parking lot regularly to maximize your return on your asphalt pavement investment. If you’re looking for some tips on how you can maintain your commercial asphalt parking lot so that it lasts longer and stays safer for everyone who uses it, then this blog post is for you!

You can also speak to a professional parking lot maintenance company like Doctor Asphalt LLC in Madison to better plan your parking lot maintenance schedule.

1) Clean the Parking Lot Regularly

One of the essential parts of maintaining your parking lot is to clean it regularly. This will prevent dirt, gravel, sand, and other debris from building up on the asphalt pavement, which can eventually lead to damages. You might want to consider investing in an automatic scrubber if you need something more substantial than just a broom since these are specifically designed for demanding cleaning jobs.

2) Carry out Regular Inspections

Proper pavement maintenance starts with regular inspection. You should have someone walk over the surface of your parking lot monthly to check for any issues that may require attention or repairs in order to avoid future problems. Regular inspections will also help you identify anything wrong before it becomes an even bigger problem and much more difficult to fix later on.

3) Drainage System

It’s essential to ensure all pipes of your drainage system are clear and working correctly. Otherwise, water may pool, causing cracks in the pavement over time if left untreated for too long. Inspecting this annually is recommended to avoid these problems altogether because once they start occurring, fixing them becomes much more expensive than repairing them when there are minor issues.

4) Restripe Parking Lots when Necessary

Restripe the parking lot when you notice the old pavement markings fading away or becoming illegible. The freshly painted new lines help drivers navigate the parking lot more easily, and more importantly, they prevent avoidable accidents!

Other measures such as sealcoating regularly or cleaning up oil and liquid spills will also help you keep your parking lot in Madison, WI, in top shape. If you’re looking for professional parking lot repair and maintenance in the region, then Doctor Asphalt LLC is just the service you need. We provide property owners and managers with the ultimate parking lot maintenance service ensuring their commercial property stands out from the rest and lasts a lifetime. Get a free quote for our commercial parking lot maintenance services today!

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