How The Summer Heat Can Destroy Your Commercial Parking Lot

The summer months can be a difficult time for parking lot owners. The high temperatures and increased sunlight can cause asphalt to become dry, brittle, and more susceptible to cracking. The cracks allow moisture to seep into the asphalt paving speeding up the deterioration process. Over time, these cracks will grow more prominent due to the freeze/thaw cycle, causing further deterioration because a larger volume of water will infiltrate the asphalt layers. The water expands when frozen causing damage and widening the cracks on your parking lot.

If you are a property owner with a parking lot in Dallas, TX, you are well aware of the harmful effects of the summer weather. While regular maintenance and repair can keep your pavement resilient to the scorching heat, it can do only so much. However, professional paving companies like Doctor Asphalt LLC can help you take appropriate measures before any severe damage can occur.

Cracks in pavement are not the only threat during the summer season; other problems can also arise during the hot summer months.

A Weak Pavement

The UV rays from the scorching sun and water weaken the asphalt, which leads to cracks and uneven surfaces. That erosion caused by water leads to the development of air gaps. When air gaps form within the layers of asphalt, as soon as a heavy weight is exerted on the surface, it sags and develops potholes. These potholes can be hazardous for drivers who may not see one of them until it’s too late and thus end up damaging their vehicles.

Faded Line Striping

Heat also affects pavement markings such as yellow lines or arrows painted on the ground, fading over time due to exposure to sunlight. Parking lot striping is essential because it is a visual cue for drivers to help them stay in their lanes and not hit curbs or other cars parked. Although you can re-paint parking lot striping, the process is tedious, costly, and time-consuming.

Water Infiltration

If you don’t have an efficient drainage system in your pavement, you might notice standing water after rain in the summer. Standing water is a sign that all is not right with the parking lot, and you must take immediate action to resolve it. Unfortunately, water infiltration is not good news for your parking lot because the asphalt foundation below can take a severe beating from moisture seeping in.


Asphalt surfaces can withstand high temperatures but to a limit. A sweltering day can soften the surface layer to the extent that asphalt granules start sticking to shoes and tires.

You need to prepare your commercial parking lot before the summer season reaches its peak in Dallas, TX. Sealcoating, crack filling, and basic parking lot repair are some measures that can help you restore its original look. Doctor Asphalt LLC offers top-of-the-line asphalt maintenance and repair services; our experts use their experience and knowledge of the local conditions to ensure your parking lot stands the test of time. Get a free inspection from our team and get your parking lot in shape for the summer season.

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