How To Ensure Proper Drainage On Your Parking Lot

Water drainage from your commercial establishment’s parking lot may not be the first thing on your mind when devising your business plans for the year. However, a single period of heavy rains and the resulting inconvenience for customers will quickly make most commercial property owners realize the significance of ensuring an efficient drainage mechanism.

Drainage problems are not only bad for your pavement’s aesthetics, but they’re also expensive to repair if you leave them unattended. Additionally, no customer or visitor wants to enter a parking lot with three inches of standing water to welcome them.

While parking lot drainage problems may seem overwhelming initially, business owners have many options that can help them ensure adequate parking lot drainage. Professional parking lot maintenance and repair companies help put your drainage system in order by offering top-of-the-line services. Calling these professionals at the right time will ensure efficient water drainage and help you avoid future drainage repairs and save you a significant sum. In Madison, WI, Doctor Asphalt LLC is a professional asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance company.

Here is a checklist to help you determine whether the drainage system on your property is functioning correctly or requires maintenance. If you spot any of the following problems, you should call for repair immediately.


Fallen debris and accumulation of dirt and gunk can affect your drain’s performance adversely. These things block the smooth flow of water and also attract harmful bacteria and insects to the surface. You should call professional drain experts and clear the unwanted elements in your drainage if you want it to function smoothly.

Guilty Drains

Various factors such as inlet drain flowing to the street or canal influence your drainage system. Obstruction in these areas can cause parking lot blockages and result in drainage problems. Extensive blockages can also flood your parking lot compromising your surface’s integrity resulting in a negative impression on your customers and clients.

Water Pools

Another indicator suggesting significant drainage issues is the presence of water pools in the parking lot. Professional contractors generally design parking lots in a manner that helps drain water from one end to another.

If you notice water formation in the middle, it means that the middle point, which is deliberately placed at a high point, is sagging for some reason. Consistent erosion and unrepaired potholes are some factors that prevent water runoff from both sides.

Professional asphalt maintenance companies like Doctor Asphalt LLC in Madison, WI, offer solutions to all your drainage problems. Our team of seasoned professionals ensures efficient drainage results by inspecting and efficiently repairing all potential problem sources. We also provide quality asphalt paving and repair services and use the latest equipment and machinery to ensure that no drainage issue emerges in the future. Get an estimate for our services now, and get a long-lasting and durable drainage solution.

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