Asphalt Paving

Two components go into making asphalt the best paving solution for residential and commercial paving projects. Firstly, to give off a stunning blacktop surface appeal, asphalt contains bitumen – a crude oil responsible for giving asphalt its distinctive black hue.

Secondly, asphalt contains small gravel-like rocks for outstanding durability, which play the role of preventing your asphalt surfaces from wearing out and crumbling apart.

With paving professionals at Doctor Asphalt, you can expect nothing less than having your residential and commercial properties looking in top-notch condition. We use the best premium quality asphalt aggregate when paving your parking lots, roads, driveways, and sidewalks into beautiful and resilient paved surfaces.

Why Asphalt?

There are simply too many options out there when it comes down to paving a large driveway or parking lot. Materials such as concrete and gravel are great options for constructing buildings and other properties. However, asphalt wins the race of being the most reliable and durable paving option in the market.

Asphalt is flexible. It can withstand the most substantial vehicle pressures and harshest weather conditions, unlike concrete, which cracks and erodes quickly under the mildest degree of pressure and temperature change.

With our expertise at Doctor Asphalt, we make sure to properly install your asphalt pavement so that lasts for decades! Our quality installation will save you the hassle of needing frequent repairs and help cut down upkeep costs too!

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