Commercial Sealcoating Minnesota

Doctor Asphalt recommends seal coating on your commercial pavement, providing a protective layer over your pavement. We suggest you do this service within six months of your initial pavement installation. Some retail locations will want to have the surfaces sealed and coated more frequently. Sealcoating will keep things in exceptional condition, allowing the properties to maintain their property with up-to-date seal coating.

Sealcoating is a protective coating to protect from UV damage, water, oils, and elements. You seal cracks in the asphalt, preventing water, oil, and other factors and fluid from damaging your surface. Over time, the pavement will inevitably break down, making it a safety risk and unappealing to customers and your business.

Seal coating prevents damage to your surface from vehicle fluids, water, UV rays, and more. Having your pavement seal coated will break down, potentially cause foundation issues, be unappealing for your business, and even cause you to need to replace the entire surface, which can be very costly.

The professional team at Doctor Asphalt in Maplewood, Minnesota, will guide you through the process and explain the steps. The initial cleaning, repair, and fill cracks with commercial grade crack sealer, the first seal coat goes on and once dried, the second coat is applied and given time to dry, then the striping team repaints parking lines and traffic signs and 36-48 hours later your property can be to drove on. We are here to explain each step with the highest professionalism. When the time comes, contact us today for a free quote.

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