Concrete offers higher durability, strength, and impact resistance than any other paving material, making it an ideal choice for paving. A concrete slab can last between 30 to 50 years and requires little maintenance.

Despite its numerous benefits, proper and even concrete surface installation can be tricky, time-consuming, and expensive. A bad concrete mix, inadequate curing and drying times, bad weather, and other factors can cause premature distress and issues like flaking and unevenness in the surface. Thus, it is essential to hire the right contractor for your concreting project.

Concrete is a highly customizable material. At Doctor Asphalt LLC, our experts use different techniques like concrete stamping to introduce some color, texture, and design into your pavement, which is a sharp contrast from a traditional grey concrete slab. Whether you want to create a decorative surface or a simple concrete pavement, we can provide you with the best possible results within the agreed upon deadlines and budget.

We are experienced in building all kinds of concrete surfaces, including parking lots, loading docks, sidewalks, walkways, and more. Our team follows strict project guidelines and modern techniques to tackle any challenges that may be encountered during the project.

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