Line Striping in Minnesota Doctor Asphalt

Line striping is necessary to direct traffic and let customers and or residents know where to park. There would be no direction, dangerous parking, and inevitable damage if there were no lines.
Doctor Asphalt saves you trouble by offering paint striping services to allow safe traffic flow to your parking areas with signs and directions. Having your parking lots professionally striped and marked is a productive and practical way to keep the outer appearance of your business or residential complex looking clean and professional.

Mandatory markings are required by law for ADA purposes, ensuring drivers with disabilities have a safe and accessible place to park. Services include the appropriate striping and signage to be ADA compliant, with logos, stall striping, any other necessary signage, customization, and curb painting are all included in our services.

Properly having your lots striped not only helps your customers or residents where they need to park, but the appropriate directional signage can also prevent accidents and keep residents and customers safe. Allowing your striping and signage to become faded could pose a danger and put your place of business at a higher risk of being held at fault should an accident occur due to poor or non-existent striping. When your striping and signs begin to fade, sustain damage, or break down due to elements or other factors, Doctor Asphalt is here to help get your parking lot safely and correctly striped. We install bollards and any necessary signage posts per the laws in Minnesota. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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