Mill and Overlay in Minnesota Doctor Asphalt

There are several ways to repair the damaged asphalt, dependent on the severity of the damage and the area that has sustained the damage. When the damage is on a large scale or severe, the best option is to go with a mill and overlay. Mill and overlay is a process a large milling machine breaks the asphalt into smaller pieces and removes them, then overlaid with a new layer of asphalt.

When the asphalt begins to show signs of cracking and potholes and the need for complete replacement isn’t necessary, milling and overlay are a great way to keep costs down when just a few minor repairs aren’t an option. Our expert team of contractors is knowledgeable in the milling and overlay process, carefully inspecting the base and sub-base layers before utilizing a milling machine to remove the first few inches of pavement. Then we sweep up any loose debris or asphalt pieces before tack oil is applied to bind the new asphalt to the milled surface. Then fresh mixed asphalt is used, and a steel roller compacts the asphalt to ensure correct density and leave a smooth surface. Our goal is to be precise in performing the milling and overlay process to ensure the job gets completed correctly to avoid unnecessary breakdown of pavement and prevent long-term issues, is our goal.

You can expect the finest quality work here at Doctor asphalt of Minnesota! We are equipped with premium-quality materials and the proper tools and equipment to meet all your pavement repair needs. Our expert team guarantees exceptional quality paving services that will last for your property and curb appeallContact us today for your free quote.

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