Overlay Or Removal: What Does Your Asphalt Really Need?

If you are sick of asphalt that looks like it should be ripped up and replaced, it’s time to get some information. When it comes to repairing your asphalt pavement, whether you’re talking about an asphalt overlay (which adds a new layer of hot-mix asphalt on top of the existing pavement), or asphalt milling (the act of cutting away one or more layers to remove damage), there are benefits to both. It depends on how long ago your pavement was installed, what kind of shape it’s in, what type of traffic it gets, and so on.

Let’s find out the details in this blog post by Doctor Asphalt LLC.

Overlay Vs. Milling

An overlay can be done quickly, usually in just a matter of hours, but it tends to come with lower long-term performance expectations than complete removal does. That’s because overlay doesn’t address all of the problems leading to the deterioration of your pavement — it only repairs what’s on top.

On the other hand, milling can be a more lengthy process (lengthening wait times and inconveniencing drivers), but it allows for a more thorough overhaul to fix defects like potholes and ruts. That means you’ll get many longer-lasting results with milling than you will through an overlay.

When to Consider Removal?

  • If you want to maintain high-performance standards for many years after your pavement’s been laid down, give consideration to spending the extra money for complete removal instead of an overlay.
  • You should consider removal when you want to maintain full load-bearing capacity on a section of the pavement, and the base is still in good condition.
  • Complete removal will require an extensive tear-out process that’ll likely remove your entire existing surface. If the foundation itself has deteriorated, you should always go for removal.

When to Consider Overlay?

  • Overlays are a band-aid. So the decision between overlay and removal is usually reasonably clear-cut, but if you’re considering an overlay rather than complete removal for your asphalt, make sure to get professional advice about how it will impact both the looks and functionality of your road.
  • Sometimes a simple overlay may be all that is required. If cracks and potholes are not something you’re too concerned about, or you have a limited budget to work with, then an asphalt overlay could be what you need.
  • Overlays can quickly fix damaged areas of your road without removing its existing asphalt. This can help save money and time for local governments who frequently handle large swaths of roads in their jurisdiction.

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