Parking Lot Sealcoating

Commercial asphalt surfaces like parking lots experience more traffic and activity than other surfaces, which makes them more prone to damage. It can be tough for commercial property owners to keep their parking lots in good condition and provide a better customer experience. Is there an asphalt paving service that can help reduce this pressure? Yes! Doctor Asphalt!

Doctor Asphalt is the trusted commercial paving company with all the best pavement maintenance services to restore asphalt parking lots and protect them from ongoing damage.

Our Parking Lot Restoration Process

At Doctor Asphalt, we have a proven process to rejuvenate your parking lot using crack filling, sealcoating, and line striping services.

The first and most critical step in the parking lot sealcoating process is ensuring that pavement cracks are cleaned of all signs of dirt, vegetation, and debris.

A heat lance blows compressed air of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit into the cracks, so the walls are dry and in perfect condition to adhere to the sealer.

The cracks are filled with a hot commercial-grade crack sealer.

All areas that need to be protected from over-spraying the sealer are ‘cut in’ by brushing the sealer 3 feet in, from any surface that cannot be sprayed or edged.

The first coat of asphalt seal coat is sprayed over the entire pavement in an even coat and left to dry.

The second sealcoat is sprayed after the first coat is dry.

Once the second coat is dry, the striping crew arrives to repaint all traffic lines and parking stalls.

Your commercial pavement will be drivable within 24 to 36 hours after completion.

Parking Lot Sealcoating from Doctor Asphalt

What is asphalt sealcoating?

Made of a thin slurry of tar pitch and additives, sealcoating forms a protective layer over your pavement to prevent damage and improve its overall appearance.

How often should you get your parking lot seal coated?

Doctor Asphalt LLC experts suggest opting for commercial sealcoating services within six months to a year after the pavement is installed. Typically, an asphalt surface must be seal coated every two to three years, depending on traffic and wear.

For the best parking lot sealcoating services in Wisconsin, Doctor Asphalt is the commercial paving company to call!

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