Parking Lot Striping – The Basics For A Facility Lot Manager

Are you in charge of maintaining a parking lot? If so, you know how important it is to keep the lines painted on the asphalt. It helps to ensure that there is enough space for vehicles to park and also helps to keep things organized and looking neat.

Doctor Asphalt LLC discusses everything you need to know about parking lot striping. We will cover different striping techniques and the necessity of hiring an asphalt contractor.

What is Parking Lot Striping, And Why is it Important?

Striping refers to painting lines on asphalt to create parking spaces and maintain organization. It is essential because it helps to ensure that there is enough space for vehicles to park and also helps to keep things looking neat.

Without striping, drivers would have difficulty knowing where to park, and the overall appearance of the parking lot would be unprofessional. In some cases, lack of striping can even lead to accidents. That’s why maintaining that a parking lot is striped correctly is essential.

Depending on wear and tear, you may need to repaint the lines every few years to keep them looking fresh and visible. To get things done right, you will require professional striping services. While there are many different asphalt contractors, choosing one with experience in parking lot striping is critical.

Techniques for Parking Lot Striping

Here are a few different techniques used to stripe parking lots.

1. Line Striper

The most common method is to use a machine that applies paint to the asphalt. It stripes the parking lot most efficiently and produces clean straight lines.

2. Stencil

Another technique is to use stencils. This method is often used for more complex designs or when special effects are desired. Stencils can be used to create graphics or logos in addition to stripes.

3. Hand-Painting

Hand-painting is also an option, but it is much less common due to the required time and effort.

Choosing the Right Striping Applicator

It is also essential to have a suitable applicator for the job. A line striper machine for large areas, like parking lots, is best. This machine can paint straight lines quickly and efficiently. You can use stencils and a brush or roller for smaller spaces, like crosswalks or bike lanes.

Choosing the Striping Paint

Whether you stripe a parking lot yourself or hire an asphalt contractor to do the job, you have to choose the right paint. Water-based paints emit fewer fumes and are easier to clean up, but they can be more susceptible to fading and chipping. Oil-based paints have more pungent fumes but are more durable and resistant to fading.

Acrylic base striping paints are not only environmentally friendly but also quite reliable & less prone to wear & tear. That makes them a popular choice for pavement line striping.

Ending Note

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