Pavement Repair Options

It’s a bad day when you drive onto your property to find your asphalt parking lot or driveway has a pothole. Whether you have residential or commercial pavement, repair options will be on your mind.

Property owners in Baraboo, WI have a reliable paving service to help them navigate the restoration of their paved areas: Doctor Asphalt, pavement experts serving Wisconsin for years. Our experienced team specializes in various repair options, including crack filling, patching, and resurfacing.

Know Your Pavement Repair Options

We understand the importance of maintaining safe and functional paved surfaces, but do our customers? Here’s everything you need to know when you discover damage on your pavement.

Crack Filling

This method fixes cracks by cleaning them out and filling them with a specialized rubberized asphalt product that will flex under stress. It’s best for cracks that are less than an inch deep and a ½ inch wide.


Advanced patch repairs involve cutting around a pothole or other localized damage, then heating up the exposed asphalt with infrared technology so that the filler material will bond seamlessly.

Milling & Overlay

Milling is the first step in resurfacing a paved surface, during which a specialized machine removes a few inches, creating the perfect texture for a new layer. An overlay is when a new layer of asphalt is poured.

Doctor Asphalt: Repair Experts in Baraboo Wisconsin

For years, we’ve proudly served property owners in Wisconsin, Minnesota & Northern Illinois with all sizes of pavement improvement projects, from a complete parking lot mill and overlay to a simple pothole repair. We use the right materials and equipment for every restoration project to achieve optimal and durable outcomes.

Whatever your property needs, our experienced contractors can help! Contact us today to learn about your pavement repair options!

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