Should You Repave Your Parking Lot This Year?

Although a smooth and freshly-paved parking lot can be incredibly appealing to look at, it cannot stay brand-new forever. There comes a time when property owners need to make a conscious decision of either repairing the damages once again or repaving the entire parking lot to eliminate all problems. The daily traffic, the harsh weather conditions, and insufficient maintenance measures are all factors that contribute to the parking lot’s worsening conditions. These factors land a severe blow to your parking lot’s lifespan, leaving behind irreparable damages.

According to experts, the average parking lot needs to be repaved every 15-20 years. However, constant wear and tear and lack of maintenance measures force some parking lots to a premature end. Fortunately, a parking lot lets you know when it needs repaving by displaying tell-tale signs that you cannot ignore. In addition to making your assessment, you can contact a professional paving contractor like Doctor Asphalt LLC in St. Paul, TX, for professional advice.

Your answer to whether you need to repave your parking lot this year depends on the condition of the parking lot. Here’s a compilation of some critical signs that suggest the need for repaving your parking lot this year.

Large Cracks

Large visible cracks on the parking lot are never a good sign. Cracks occur as a result of your parking lot’s exposure to harsh external elements. Existing cracks left unchecked widen to expose the parking lot’s base to moisture and debris, causing further deterioration.

In addition to being unsightly, cracks can also lead to a bumpy ride for people visiting your parking lot. The deepening cracks end up compromising your parking lot’s integrity, and the only way to eliminate them is by either repairing or, better yet, repaving them.


The presence of potholes on your parking lot is also a sign that it needs repaving. Potholes can damage your business reputation as potential customers may turn away from your establishment for fear of damaging their vehicles on your parking lot.

Repaving the parking lot is the easiest and the best way to eliminate all potholes. A freshly-paved smooth surface void of any potholes is a treat to the eye and does not repel any visiting customers.

Aging Parking Lot

There is no point in spending on frequent repairs and maintenance on a parking lot that has run its due course and has served you well for more than 20 years. If the parking lot has ¼ inch wide cracks, and more than 25% of the section needs repair, it’s a sign that you must repave it.

Doctor Asphalt LLC provides premier parking lot repaving services in St. Paul, TX. We use our years of experience in the industry to offer quality commercial paving services to our clients. In addition to repaving the existing parking lot, our professionals are also available to provide parking lot maintenance and repair services.

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