So, What Are Paving Contractors Doing In The Off-Season?

Paving contractors at Doctor Asphalt LLC are a busy bunch. In the spring and summer, they’re traveling up and down streets and highways of Madison, WI, patching potholes, filling in cracks, and putting down fresh asphalt. But what do they do during the off-season? It’s a valid question – after all, the weather can be prohibitively cold and snowy in many parts of the country. Well, believe it or not, our pros still have plenty to do! The paving off-season is when they can knock out some major projects. So if you’re curious about what your favorite paving contractor is up to this winter, read on!

1) Crack Filling

Just before the snow season, our teams get a lot of calls for filling cracks in the pavement. This is a critical step to take before snowfall, as it prevents the melting snow from seeping down into the asphalt and causing further damage.

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, it’s imperative to make sure that your pavement cracks are filled up – because all that snow and ice can put extra pressure on them!

Our crews use specialized equipment to fill pavement cracks quickly and effectively, so you can rest assured that your pavement will be in good shape even after intense snowfall.

2) Line Striping

Dry and snowy weather conditions mean that most parking lots lose a lot of their color.

That’s why it is essential to have line striping done as soon as possible so that your parking lines don’t get worn out by the snow and ice! Our professional paving contractors realize the significance of an ADA-compliant parking lot with visible line striping. Regardless of the weather conditions, you’ll find us at your gate when your pavement needs restriping.

3) Drainage Issues

Parking lots and driveways face their fair share of drainage problems during the winter season.

This is because accumulated rainwater and snow can’t correctly drain off paved surfaces when they’re frozen. We deal with drainage issues by repairing or replacing drainage systems, grading the surface to improve water runoff, and installing catch basins and storm drains. If you notice that your parking lot or driveway starts to become overly saturated after a rainfall, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’ll take care of it for you.

4) Potholes

Potholes are among the worst problems that parking lots and driveways can face in winter, especially if you haven’t had them fixed during other seasons. Potholes form when water seeps into cracks in your pavement and expands when it freezes at night, causing larger cracks to form under your asphalt or concrete surface. We’ll take care of these pesky holes for you, so they don’t become more significant issues down the road.

Doctor Asphalt LLC is the premier asphalt paving and maintenance choice in Madison, WI. We provide expert patching and repair services all year around. So, whether you need a completely new pavement during the fall or are looking for fully functional drainage to manage the melting snow, you can count on us to deliver quality results. Get a free quote now!

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