The Importance Of Crack Sealing & Sealcoating Your Paved Surfaces

Your commercial pavement sees a lot of traffic and has all kinds of vehicles being driven by drivers with different levels of expertise. This means frequent use, greater weight, and careless driving, all of which make them more susceptible to damage than many other paved surfaces.

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Greater damage means more frequent maintenance and repair to keep the pavement attractive and functional. Getting a pavement constructed is expensive, so naturally, property owners want their asset to bring a good return on their investment, which means your pavement has a long service life.

The best way to ensure that your pavement can have a long service life is by staying proactive regarding repairs and preventive maintenance. If ignored, your pavement will deteriorate at an accelerated pace, leading to more expensive repairs in the near future and possibly the need for early resurfacing or repaving.

The first and most nominal sign of damage are hairline cracks, which are less than ¾ of an inch wide, are shallow, and have little side deterioration. These cracks mostly develop in active pavement, which means if these cracks are not repaired immediately, they will grow.

Crack sealing is a simple solution that can only be used to seal off small

cracks so moisture or debris does not enter into the pavement to cause future damage.

However, timely repairs are not enough to save your pavement. Seal coating is the most effective and efficient preventive maintenance technique. What sealcoating does is form a protective layer over the pavement to protect it against all kinds of damage, including weathering and wear.

Whether it is the harsh sunlight, moisture, freezing temperatures, salt, large debris, oil spills, mulch stains, or rough driving, a seal coat can protect the top layer of your pavement by not letting harmful elements come in direct contact with the surface.

Typically, a seal coat on an asphalt surface lasts two to three years, while on concrete surfaces, it can last between three to five years. However, the exact amount of time after which your commercial pavement might need a new seal coat depends solely on the usage and wear.

Aside from protecting your pavement and extending its service life, sealcoating and crack sealing also eliminate the need for costly repairs and boost the property’s curb appeal and value by helping your pavement retain its appearance.

A pavement that is in disrepair or is exhibiting large scale repair work like patches looks highly unappealing. You can prevent that by staying on top of your pavement’s crack sealing and sealcoating needs unless there are underlying issues with the foundation.

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