The Importance Of Line Striping

Give your parking space a new makeover!

The condition of your parking lot might be something you tend to overlook during your busy business activities. A parking lot can quickly deteriorate if not maintained properly and turn into an ugly mess that can give your visitors the wrong impression about your company.

Moreover, poorly maintained parking lots with faded pavement marking and line striping can lead to dangerous driving conditions as this diminishes visibility and makes it harder for drivers to keep within their lanes, especially at night.

Therefore, it is essential to restripe your parking lot from time to time to avoid any damages or accidents. Not only that, but freshly striped pavement markings can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property!

The following are some of the other advantages of line striping your parking lot:

1. Safety Comes First!

Safety is the most important aspect here – proper parking lot striping aids in the safe navigation for both motorists and pedestrians. A clearly striped pedestrian crossing is difficult to ignore, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Moreover, pavement markers also help in smooth traffic flow even if your parking lot has one-way traffic.

2. Improved Parking Management

Drivers are free to park wherever they like if there are no proper pavement markings. This not only leads to disorganized parking but also increases the chances of accidents and damages.

However, with proper line striping and markings, you can encourage drivers to move and park within the designated lanes to avoid inconveniences. This also allows you to make room for the highest limit of automobiles in the parking lot at any given time.

3. Parking Space for All

Having a parking lot is great, but ensuring it is designed in accordance with ADA guidelines is even better. This not only reflects that you value each of your clients/customers/visitors, but also allows them to park and access your property without any hassle. However, you need to make sure that each of the pavement markings, including parking stalls for people with disabilities, are appropriately marked and visible.

4. Boosted Visual Appeal

Under continuous exposure to sunlight and movement in the lot, pavement lines and markings can disappear over time. This is why after the usual seal coating, it is best to restripe your parking lot. A well-kept parking lot can leave a good impression on your clients and visitors. Also, newly striped pavement markings boost the property’s aesthetic appeal.

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