When Is The Right Time To Resurface Your Driveway

Asphalt pavement is an investment you want to last as long as possible. However, your surface will inevitably start to deteriorate over time due to use and exposure to the extreme weather conditions we see in ABC. Ultimately, you’ll have to completely resurface your existing asphalt to maintain its performance and durability.

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In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the top four signs that you need to look out for to know when your asphalt pavement needs a resurfacing.

What Is Asphalt Resurfacing?

At times, the asphalt’s damage is so severe that it cannot be healed by crack repairing or sealing. That’s why asphalt resurfacing techniques are used in such situations to improve the asphalt performance and condition in no time.

Resurfacing is a process where a new layer of asphalt is poured over the existing surface to hide all the cracks, potholes, etc. Here, you don’t need to remove the existing layers and dig the surface’s foundation, which makes the entire process cheap and less invasive.

Experts consider resurfacing to be the perfect way to extend the life of the pavement without any hassle. It solves widespread damage that would be too difficult to fix with patches and repairs in no time.

However, some signs dictate it’s time to stop making repairs and fixes to your driveway and instead resurface it.

Signs It’s Time To Resurface Your Driveway

1. Potholes

You can quickly repair small potholes by filling them with fresh asphalt, then leveling and smoothing them out. But medium to large-sized potholes require effective repairing techniques to bring back the surface in optimal shape and condition.

Here, resurfacing the entire pavement can be your best bet that will not only cover the potholes but also prevent your surface from deteriorating quickly.

2. Cracks

While you can easily repair cracks that are smaller than ¼ inch wide with different types of patches, cracks wider and deeper than that indicate a compromised foundation and thus, require an alternative repairing technique than patching.

To prevent the surface from further deterioration, consider resurfacing your asphalt right away. Resurfacing will efficiently fill in the cracks and enhance the pavement’s performance right away.

3. Discoloration

Resurfacing is not only done when there are cracks or potholes in the pavement. Expert pavers consider resurfacing the entire pavement to regain the jet black appeal to keep the asphalt looking new.

However, the finished look greatly depends on the materials and tools used to perform the resurfacing.

4. Aging Pavement

Each driveway ages differently depending on how you use it and the weather conditions in your area. A pavement that is in good condition and less than 20 years old can be resurfaced to extend its service life.

However, you cannot resurface asphalt pavement that has been in place for 20-30 years. Such surfaces will require replacement as they have completed their service life and won’t perform well even after high-quality resurfacing.

All in all, resurfacing asphalt pavement is not a DIY job. Therefore, don’t forget to get Doctor Asphalt LLCs expert when it comes to the maintenance and repair of your asphalt. We provide premium asphalt solutions to all residing in Maplewood, MN at economical rates.

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