Why It’s Important To Hire A Professional Excavation Firm To Remove Your Pavement

Planning a parking lot or driveway installation? You may require the services of an excavation contractor. The contractor will clear the work area and prepare it for new construction so that your pavement assets remain structurally sound over time.

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In today’s blog, we talk about why it is critical to hire an excavation firm to remove your pavement.

Eliminate Risks

To start, you should realize that too many things can go wrong during excavations, such as:

  • The trench may collapse
  • You may not assess risks properly
  • Equipment failure

These are just some reasons why an excavation is best left to professionals.

An asphalt contractor specializing in excavation will help you complete the job safely within the deadline. Moreover, your contractor will also know the best equipment to use for your specific project, whether you need to remove trees or a swimming pool.

Protect Your Property

Secondly, an excavation firm will not commence work without evaluating the ground condition. Excavators will also be mindful of the surrounding structures, and they will handle site cleanup as well.

Benefit From Contractor’s Experience

The word ‘professional’ comes with some inherent traits, like experience, training, and quality. And this is what you need to look for when hiring an excavation company.

Experienced contractors will have years of local experience that develop their knowledge of best practices, soil conditions, and building code. They will also have a culture of safety in their company.

Stay Safe

Moving on, excavation jobs may also include unforeseen problems that can prove costly and dangerous. After all, who knows what’s beneath the ground!

For instance, there may be hazardous materials underneath the surface. And then there are undetected pipes, wires, and tree roots that can damage equipment. Wildlife is also a factor to consider.

Sudden weather changes also require quick adjustments. Only an experienced excavation contractor will know how to work around these situations. Professional contractors will also have the correct safety procedures in place to avoid any unforeseen problems.

But do make sure that the excavation firm you hire is licensed and insured.

It’s More Than Just Digging

Ultimately, you should reach out to professionals because excavation is more than just digging. Factors like erosion and sedimentation cannot be ignored. Issues with soil and sedimentation can damage your property and affect water quality.

To avert these issues, excavation workers skillfully and safely limit exposed soil areas, divert water with trench drains, and implement measures to handle tree roots, bushes, and other growth.

Some states also have laws for erosion and siltation control. And neglecting these issues can land you on the wrong side of the law.

For all these reasons and more, reach out to professional excavators to remove your pavement.

How We Perform Excavations

At Doctor Asphalt, we only use state-of-the-art grading equipment to clear asphalt and concrete slabs. We eliminate trees, roots, boulders, damaged pipelines, and any obstruction for your paving project in Maplewood, MN. Click here to get a free estimate.

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